From crafting brand identities to capturing unforgettable moments, 1084 Studios delivers results that are eye-catching and memorable.

1084 Studios is founded by David Tran, a graphic designer and photographer with a passion for visual storytelling. With years of experience in the creative industry, he has developed a keen eye for detail, composition, and aesthetics. Whether any project pertains to design or to photography, he makes sure that the message is conveyed persuasively.

Simplicity is the underlying goal for every professional designer. As a graphic designer, David combines his artistic flair with a deep understanding of branding and marketing principles to create visually stunning designs. He has worked with a diverse range of clients, from small startups to established businesses, helping them communicate their brand through captivating logos, websites, and other marketing materials through print or digital.

In addition to his design expertise, David is a passionate photographer. As much as he strives to deliver impactful work in his designs, he has a knack for capturing to capture the perfect moment and the beauty of the world around him in photography. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Whether it's through portrait shots, weddings or special events of any kind, he can help you capture that moment and turn it into a spectacular image.

David's creative process is driven by a strong desire to engage viewers through his work. He believes that every design or photograph should tell a compelling story or moment and leave a lasting impression. His ability to combine his skills as a graphic designer and photographer allows him to create cohesive visual experiences that resonate effectively with his audience.

Latest Work

As you visit this website, my portfolio will speak for itself as it contains a selection of the latest work.

1084 Travels

Immerse yourself in a captivating visual journey as David captures breathtaking moments around the world with his family. Join him on his exhilarating adventures, where he not only captures stunning shots but also shares his travel experiences through a captivating travel blog, offering invaluable insights for those seeking to explore the same awe-inspiring destinations. Stay tune for when his travel blog and instagram is up...COMING SOON

1084 Studios Specialties

Whether it's crafting a brand identity or capturing or living unforgettable moments,
David has gained invaluable knowledge and insight that makes him a valuable asset in any intricacy.


Great design is crucial to the success of your business because first impressions are everything. No matter what industry your business is in, let us create exceptional designs that stands out effectively.


Whether your needs are a simple event or a more elaborate one, we have your solution. We'll take your event, your business, or whatever the subject you choose and turn it into something eye-catching and amazing.

Travel Consultation

The experiences David and his wife share will help you embark and discover the wonders of the world, navigate the complexities of travel, and create lifelong memories with their guidance.